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Mas Codina Vineyards

The Mas Codina vineyards are located in the Alt Penedès, protected by two mountain ranges and is situated in a unique microclimate which makes this an exceptional area for vine growing.

Ideal climate conditions, with a 550 l/m rainfall, allows for the growing of grape varieties that result in very popular wines and cavas.

Quality begins with the harvesting of a healthy grape

  • Grapes destined for the production of still wine or cava are separated from the beginning.
  • Treatments to the grapes can be carried out no later than 30 to 45 days before harvest.
  • To determine the optimal time to harvest the grapes, periodic tests are carried out to control ripening. Analytical tests measure and control tartaric acid, ph levels, sugars, average grape weight and the grapes are also tasted.
  • Harvest begins early August starting with varieties that ripen early such as Pinot Noir and Chardonnay followed by varieties like Moscat, Macabeu, Syrah, Xarel·lo, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Wine production from own harvest

One of the most important characteristics of our cellar is that only grapes harvested on the estate are used to produce our wines and cavas. No wine is bought from other vintners thus production of our Wines D.O. Penedès and Cavas D.O. Cava is controlled and limited to eventually become chef d’oeuvres available to connoisseurs .