Mas Codina

The Mas Codina estate is located in the heart of the Alt Penedès region, comprising of low-lying plains and hills between 250 and 300 metres high.

Until recently, the farm has always grown, and made a livelihood from, cereals, grapes, peaches and vegetables, as well as farm animals. Now, apart from century-old olive trees, all the land is devoted to vineyards.

Mas Codina has been in the same family for generations, being passed down from fathers who have worked the vineyards and who have produced wines. They have, at the same time, conveyed their experience and knowledge to their children who, together with the introduction of modern technologies, have created extraordinary wines and cavas.

The fourth-generation owners, Toni and Jordi Garriga currently employ the latest technology, together with their know-how learnt from their ancestors, to produce wines. Even though it entails a greater workload, they have adopted organic farming practices promoting natural processes and seeking a balanced ecosystem. All because of their love for land and tradition.

There are currently 40 hectares of vineyards that are being organically farmed. Neither grapes nor wines from other vintners are used to produce our wines.

Our family has laboured hard to convert this family cellar into a project for our children so that they can continue the work started by their ancestors.

Mas Codina Family

The Cellar

The winery itself is surrounded by the vineyards hence the grapes can be transported to the winery in a very short time and in good condition.

The Vineyards

We have our own organic vineyards.
Here, in the vineyards, is where the elaboration of wine begins.

D.O. Penedès Wines

Our white, rosé and red wines are produced only from carefully selected grapes.

D.O. Cava Cavas

Our white and rosé cavas are produced only from carefully selected grapes.

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